Advance notice FePsy congress

Jubilee Symposium for the 15th anniversary of the Basel “Früherkennung von Psychosen – early detection of psychosis” (FePsy) project.

On the occasion of the 15-year jubilee of the FePsy project, a symposium is being held on „Early Detection and Early Intervention in Emerging Psychosis: State of the Art and Future Perspectives” in Basel from Thursday, 25th to Friday, 26th of September 2014.
The congress starts in the afternoon of the 25th September with a series of workshops, mainly in german. In three overview talks in the late afternoon, we will take a look at the last 15 years of FePsy in Basel. We will also summarize the current state of knowledge regarding early detection and early intervention, and point out future perspectives.
On Friday, 26th of September, talks in English will cover different approaches to early detection of psychosis and early interventions, based on the current state of research.

Further information, as well as a preliminary program, can be found here: