Call for Short Term Scientific Missions 2016

4 STSM’s will be granted this period, the aims are related to the topics of the Working Groups:

1. To review the availability of longer stay units and their therapeutic regime in various participating countries. STSM Call 1 2016
2. To review the legal and health system bottlenecks in various participating countries that prevent individuals moving along their care pathway to less restrictive settings. STSM Call 2 2016
3. To collect demographic and clinical data (e.g. diagnosis, age, index offense), and to assess other more objective QoL variables that are related with the subjective experience of QoL such as daily activities, enclosure and/or leave. STSM Call 3 2016
4. To compare the needs as mentioned by patients with the needs assessed in standardized needs instruments such as the CANFOR. STSM Call 4 2016
  • Who? STSM applicants must be engaged in a research programme as a postgraduate student or postdoctoral fellow, or be employed by or affiliated to an institution or legal entity.
  • How? By obtaining a written agreement from the host institution, registering on e-cost and completing the online application form.
  • When? The submission deadline is 31/07/2016. The STSM must take place before the end of this Grant Period (March 2017).

For more detailed information on STSMs click here. For any other questions, you can contact the STSM coordinator Denise van Eeden (