Press release – Meetings COST Action IS1302 15-17 April Cyprus

From 15th till 17th of April the Management Committee and Working Group meetings of COST Action IS1302 will take place in Ayia Napa (Cyprus). During these meetings of the members of the European funded Research Framework on Forensic Psychiatric Care, progress and developments will be discussed regarding patient characteristics, best practices in long-term forensic psychiatric care and patient needs and optimisation of quality of life. Researchers, scientists and clinicians in this field gather for the presentation of expertise, knowledge and research initiatives concerning long-term forensic psychiatric care. Delegates from 19 countries of the European community will gather for the exciting and innovative exchange of ideas, information and research projects.

The COST Action aims to coordinate research in the field of long-term forensic psychiatric care. The exchange of knowledge about best practices and research projects on the effects of interventions throughout Europe enables the participants to critically review the State of the Art for long-term forensic psychiatric patients. Many technical and methodological questions still have to be solved to gather and interpret the data that are needed. But for the first time delegates from so many countries will be present to evaluate their proceedings in this field as guests of our members in Cyprus. Influencing European politicians to acknowledge the interests of this growing but somewhat forgotten group of patients, by presenting a durable research framework on forensic psychiatric care across Europe, is one of the aims driving this COST Action. Being able to compare definitions, characteristics and research-outcomes will lay a foundation for solid decisions on Europe-wide policies regarding these patients.

In the meetings in Cyprus the results of half a year of hard work in the COST countries regarding these patients will be presented. Researchers and clinicians will be able to compare notes on the topics at hand and be able to proceed further in the direction of the goals of the Action. For more information and


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