Speakers List Training School 2017 – Treatment pathways and aftercare for forensic psychiatric patients

Peter Braun (MSc) – Peter C. (Conrad) Braun is working as a psychologist and psychotherapist in the forensic psychiatric field in the Netherlands since 1979. After completing training as psychologist het worked in the State Mental Hospital (R.P.I.) in Eindhoven for 21 years. He worked mainly with TBS patients with psychotic disorders, personality disorders and addiction problems. During this work he completed his training as a psychodynamic psychotherapist and worked also in several outpatient mental health organisations as psychotherapist.

Part of his training as a behavioural therapist, he followed in Belgium (Leuven and Antwerp). From 2000 – 2006 he worked as Head of treatment in a TBS clinic in Venray (De Rooyse Wissel) where he worked mainly on a admission ward and a resocialisation ward. In 2006 he was accepted to lead the longstay facilities of the Pompefoundation (Nijmegen) to set up a new facility in the village of Zeeland, where he is still working now.

Besides these activities Peter had a training to evaluate persons for the Court and to evaluate the psychological situation and level of responsibility. He is registered as expert witness for the courts (NRGD).

Peter has a great interest in long-term forensic psychiatric care. Since some years he is chair of a Special Interest Group on Long-term Forensic Psychiatric Care (LFPC) of the International Association for Forensic Mental Health Services (IAFMHS). Since 2013 he is chair of the EU funded COST-Action IS1302 which was applied for by Dr. Erik Bulten (Pompefoundation) on behalf of the Pompefoundation and several other international institutes (Nottingham University, Prof Dr. B. Völlm). Creating a Research Network on Long-term Forensic Psychiatric Care is the main aim of this initiative.

Peter published a few articles on long-term forensic psychiatric care as co-author. He also wrote a chapter in an edited book on clinical milieus in forensic psychiatric care

Erik Bulten (PhD) – Dr. Bulten is Head of Assessment, Research and Professional Development at The Pompefoundation (Institute for in- and outpatient Forensic Psychiatry. Dr. Bulten, therefore, contributes both academic and practitioner expertise to the Social Climate Research Network. He is experienced in doing research in clinical practice. As Head of the research department of the Pompeoundation he is for instance involved in studies on quality of life, risk assessment, social climate, substance abuse, neurocognitive research, patient characteristics and determinants of long stay patients. Erik Bulten is connected to the Behavioural Science Institute, Radboud University, Nijmegen. Erik was author or co-author of more than 100 articles or chapters. As a clinician and head of his team Dr. Bulten is member of the board of managers and involved in developing a effective, safe and therapeutic environment for the treatment of patients and the developing of effective treatment interventions and treatment pathways. Erik is the scientific advisor of the Cost Action.