Long-Term Suicide Risk in Forensic Psychiatric Patients

Based on the article Long-Term Suicide Risk in Forensic Psychiatric Patients by Clarke, M., Davies, S., Clive, H. & Duggan, C. (2011) in Archives of Suicide Research, 15: 1, 16 — 28

It is often said that psychiatric patients are a greater risk to themselves than others; while this may be true for general samples, the risk that patient treated in Forensic Psychiatric Units present to themselves, rather than to others, which by the nature of the sample is high, had not been a focus for study. Clarke et al. (2011) investigated the long-term suicide risk in forensic psychiatric patients. They performed a retrospective study, which considered the mortality outcomes of a cohort of 595 former patients of a medium secure unit in Leicester, England. Patients were admitted during the 20-year period between 1983 and 2003. The study found an increased risk of mortality in former forensic patients, from all causes, and particularly from suicide.


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