STSM – Training of professionals in forensic systems under renovation

Written by Luca Castelletti (Medical Director, REMS Carlo Poma Mantova, Italy)

The whole Italian forensic sector is undergoing a radical process of renovation, as since 1st of april 2015 the 6 national forensic hospital have been closed down and are going to be replaced by small regional 20 bedded-units named REMS standing for Residencies for the Application of  Security Measures. As the process is delegated to the 20 regional health systems, the institution of the residencies is at different speed of building up. In our contest, in the Lombardy region, with a catchment area of around 10 milion people including Milan area, the project is to refurbish and renovate the “old” Ospedale Psichiatrico Giudiziario (OPGs) into a system of 6 REMS for a total of 120 beds. In the regional and central political plans it’s going to be the main forensic centre serving the Country. At the moment we host around 180 patients, of whom 45 are women, as we supply the momentary lack of ready residencies of some other regions.


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