Training School 2015 – Long Stay in Forensic Psychiatric Services

What is the programme like?

The programme involves lectures, videos, discussions, debates and field visits in small groups. The speakers are international experts in the field of forensic psychiatry and mental health and bring with them a wealth of experience ( speakers list). The training school will cover best practice in long stay forensic psychiatric care as well as EU issues in forensic psychiatry.

Participants will have the opportunity to visit all three levels of security in forensic psychiatric care in the United Kingdom – high, medium and low and availability of such visits is very rare. It is an excellent opportunity to gain insight into what is happening on the ground. You will need to bring along two pieces of ID with you during each of these visits.

Please find here a time-table for the 3 day programme.

English will be the official language of the training school although some of the speakers speak other European languages.


Social events:

The 3 day programme will be held at the Arden Centre at the University of Warwick. Within a 20 mile radius of the University are numerous sites for tourists including Kenilworth Castle, Warwick castle, Cadbury World, Sea Life Centre and many other areas of outstanding national beauty. It also has the world famous Balti Triangle which serves authentic mouth-watering Indian food.


Number of Hours:

The training school runs for at least 8 hours every day. However it is expected that each participant also undertakes a minimum of 2 hours of independent self-directed study each day.



Participants are encouraged to think about practice of long stay facilities within their own countries. If interested supported and supervision will be provided for a few participants to write up their experiences of the training school.


Where is the event happening?

University of Warwick
United Kingdom

The conference will be based at the Arden Centre ( based with the University of Warwick.

Please contact Arden Conference Centre reception if you have any queries.




When is the event happening?

2 – 4 September 2015 This is the time when the weather is Warwick is pleasant (although it is the British weather we are talking about).


Who can apply?

Professionals, students, scholars and practitioners who are interested in the topic are invited to join the training school. There are 20 places available on a first come first serve basis. Eight of the 20 participants will be reimbursed by the EU-COST programme (travelling costs, accommodation expenses, and meal expenses).


How to apply?

If you are interested please “express interest” by emailing with your name and current details within the next 7 days. Further details will then be requested for if necessary. If you are applying for an EU funded place then you would need to complete a motivation letter along with the “expression of interest”.


Basic rules for application:

We have 20 spaces for the training school. Of these 8 will be fully funded by the EU-COST programme.

COST is an intergovernmental framework for European Cooperation in Science and Technology, allowing the coordination of nationally-funded research on a European level. In this light the COST Action IS1302 will allow for the reimbursement of 8 participants. In order to apply for reimbursement of the COST Action IS1302, your application form needs to include a motivation letter. The letter must include your past and current role and what you expect to gain from the training school including how this would benefit your career. An independent commission will decide upon the 8 participants who will receive reimbursement.

COST reimbursement includes:

  • Travelling costs
  • Accommodation expenses
  • Meal expenses

Upon selection of the reimbursed participants, we will send an e-mail with detailed information on COST reimbursement procedures. Please contact or for further information.

All participants will have access to:

  • Scientific programme
  • Refreshments during coffee breaks
  • 3 course lunch at the Arden Centre
  • Visit to Broadmoor high secure hospital in Berkshire as well as the Tamarind Centre medium secure hospital in Birmingham and Hillis Lodge low secure service in Birmingham
  • Social events

Please be aware that the size of the training school is intentionally kept small, to create a friendly environment where participants can truly interact with the experts and learn from them.



There are two levels of fees:

  1. The cost for each training school place including fees, travel to the 3 secure hospitals, accommodation for 3 nights (nights of 1-3 September) and breakfast, lunch on 2-4 September and dinner on 2-3 September is £650.00 (GBP Six hundred and fifty). Please note only 8 of these will be reimbursed by EU-COST.
  2. The cost of each training school place and travel to the 3 secure hospitals without accommodation is £250.00 (GBP Two hundred and fifty pounds). Lunch will be provided.
  3. Please let us know ASAP via the following:
    1. Whether you prefer option 1 (with accommodation) or 2 (without accommodation)
    2. Whether you will attend only if you are funded by the EU or whether you will attend nonetheless (This will have no bearing on your application and this information will not be passed to the independent commission. It is for planning purposes only).
  4. An invoice will be provided once your place has been confirmed.


Accommodation options:

Accommodation is available at a discounted rate at the Arden Conference Centre. They are fully equipped rooms and provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have allocated rooms so please email for special rates.

Brochure for the centre can be found here –

However, if you would prefer to make alternative arrangements details of local hotels and bed and breakfast can be found here


How do I arrive at the University of Warwick?

Further details can be found here –

If you are arriving by train –

The closest airport to the University of Warwick is Birmingham International Airport ( and trains are frequent between the airport and Coventry (closet city to the university campus.

However, for some you may find it more convenient to fly into London Heathrow and then travel via the underground and then train to arrive at Coventry.

If you need more information please email me below.



In case you have any queries please contact Dr Vivek Furtado ( via email.



Dr Vivek Furtado

Associate Clinical Professor in Forensic Psychiatry

Division of Mental Health and Wellbeing

Warwick Medical School

Gibbet Hill Campus

University of Warwick CV4 7AL




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